Philosophy of the Kurume Kasuri Association

Kurume Kasuri is one of Japan's preeminent textiles. At the Kurume Kasuri Association, our mission is to safeguard the important traditions that have been cultivated for more than 200 years, to further improve the quality of Kurume Kasuri, and to advance the Kurume Kasuri industry.
To ensure that everyone can use Kurume Kasuri products with peace of mind, the Association has established inspection criteria, and certificates are attached to those products that have passed our inspections.

Certification of Kurume Kasuri


Name:Kurume Kasuri Association
Established:July 1947
Members:0000 (as of March 2021)
5-8-5 Higashi-Aikawa, Kurume
(located inside the Kurume Regional Industry Promotion Center)
Tel: 0942-44-3701 Fax: 0942-44-3705


1889Kurume Kasuri Cooperative founded.
1934Cooperative disbanded due to legislative revisions. Kurume Kasuri Industry Association and Kurume Kasuri Merchants Association established.
1938National government assumes control of cotton industry; production is shifted to cotton yarn.
1943Cotton thread rations discontinued; Kurume Kasuri Preservation Society established. Kurume Kasuri Industry Association disbanded. Kurume Kasuri designated as handicraft worthy of preservation.
1947Kurume Kasuri Industry Cooperative founded.
1950In accordance with the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Cooperatives Act, the Kurume Kasuri Industry Cooperative is renamed the Kurume Kasuri Association.
1957Kurume Kasuri designated by the national government as an important intangible cultural property.
1959Kurume Kasuri Federation established (a voluntary organization composed of the Kurume Kasuri Association and the Kurume Kasuri Wholesalers Association).
1960Kurume Kasuri Preservation Society founded.
1969Kurume Kasuri Preservation Society begins publishing a periodical called Kurume Kasuri.
1973Inspection duties transferred from the Prefectural Office to the Association.
1976Important Intangible Cultural Property Kurume Kasuri Technology Holders Association established. Kurume Kasuri designated as a traditional handicraft by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
2000Kurume Kasuri 200th anniversary celebration held.
2009Regional collective trademark registered.
2011Kurume Kasuri Preservation Society publishes special issue of Kurume Kasuri to commemorate 50th anniversary of designation as an important intangible cultural property.

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